2020 is over, for movies at least…

Covid-19 has won. No more movies in 2020…

A short time ago I listed the movie I hoped to see in a theater this year. All of them have been pushed to 2021, or soon will be.

I’ve seen many an article over the last 6 months announcing the death of the Cinema. They say that like vaudeville before it, it will soon fade out of the American experience. Streaming is the future. I don’t know what is going to happen, but I think that many theaters are going to be closing soon, permanently.

There have been several chains attempting to open this Fall, playing a few new releases but mostly reshowing old classics. Empire Strikes Back even made the top box office a few weeks ago. As wonderful as these experiences are, this business is built on NEW films, and there are none on the horizon.

As I’ve stated numerous times before, I have some health issues, nothing too serious these days, but enough to put me in the high risk category. Even if some larger theater chains go under, I feel there will be plenty of companies ready to buy them on the cheap once things calm down, so the ultiplex may survive. It is the small indie theaters I worry about. Places like The Avon Theater in Providence, RI. They’ve been open for decades, but if people stop seeing movies this could be the end. It kills me that I cannot drive down and catch a movie there, but it just might kill me if I do, despite their best efforts at social distancing and cleaning the place.

I have a few shows to review. I suppose I’ll do that while my main love : The Movies : is on pause…

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