Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

The 523nd Film I have seen in theaters…

Shang Chi vs The Mandarin!

Hello my readers!

As time goes on, my priorities shift. A consequence of this is that my “Skinnys”- short takes on films I’ve seen, are going to be even shorter. This blog has never been about viewer count, its a way to track my film habits, capture my thoughts on things for future reflection. As I progress in my 43nd year of existence, I find that I don’t care anymore. lol. I’m not going to go nuts with these anymore. No huge image dumps, no cast breakdowns or plot summaries. No one, seriously no one, reads these things. So what did we think of Shang Chi?

It was a good Marvel film, definitely in the upper tier of the Origin films. Simu was great, as was Awkwafina. It was neat to see Ben Kingsely’s Mandarin (Trevor) return for some comedy relief. Check it out!

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