The Batman

The 528th film I have seen in theaters…

Does this new film measure up? Batman gives it a bat-thumbs up!

Batman, year two. A murdering maniac is loose in Gotham City. Targeting the powerful, this “Riddler” is shaking the city to it’s core as he uncovers secrets which some would rather stay hidden. Can this young Batman stop him in time to save the city?

Have no fear folks. Robert Pattinson has more than lived up to the mantle of the Caped Crusader. An excellent Batman.
Zoe Kravitz is Selina Kyle, and one of the better adaptations of the character.
Jeffrey Wright always shines, and does so here as James Gordon, pre-commissioner.
Paul Dano is Riddler, and what a Riddler! His intelligence comes through and his menace is real. Excellent casting.
Andy Serkis continues the tradition of excellent actors playing Alfred Pennyworth. I liked the Bruce/Alfred dynamic here.
John Turturro, one of my favorite actors, plays Carmine Falcone. Outstanding.
Colin Farrell is Oswald Cobblepot, The Penguin. He’s a scene stealer. Excellent work.

Outstanding. Another “dark” take on the character but it hit all the right notes. The casting was excellent, the cinematography was beautiful, and THAT THEME. It just exudes power and threat! Matt Reeves made a great film here. I am anxious to see where it all goes.

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