The 530th film I have seen in theaters…

Austin Butler NAILED it

Colonel Tom Parker is a carnival promoter working in country music. When he sets his eyes upon young Elvis Presley, everything changes. This chronicles the rise and fall of the King via the lens of Parker’s ill intentions.

Austin Butler is a contender for Best Actor. The best onscreen Elvis to date. Amazing performance. Instant stardom.
I don’t get the hate. I thought Tom Hanks played a good Colonel Parker: A slimy monster who used Elvis until the day he died.
Olivia DeJonge is Priscilla. I first saw her in “Better Watch out”, a great Xmas horror movie. She’s a good Priscilla.

I was raised by a die-hard Elvis fan, my mom. She was 15 when he burst onto the scene in the 50’s and was hooked for life. She had a complete vinyl collection which I’ve since inherited.

I’ve made the pilgrimage to Graceland and payed respects at the man’s grave.

I’ve been to his birthplace.

I have an Elvis tattoo…

What I’m trying to say is that I am not impartial here. lol.

This movie not only told the tale of Parker’s abuse of Elvis, it captured the essence of Elvis. One review called it a Rhinestone encrusted fever dream. That is a good description. Austin Butler is a fucking star, and today a star was born. I’ve been a Luhrmann fan since Moulin Rouge and he doesn’t let me down here.

Long Live the King.

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