Black Adam

The 532nd film I have seen in theaters…

Not the best, but at least we got Doctor Fate and Hawkman…

Teth-Adam is awakened after centuries of imprisonment to face a new world! The Justice Society must…stop him? I think.

Pierce Brosnan was awesome as Doctor Fate. Awesome. It was great to see Atom and Hawkman as well. The biggest problem here is The Rock. He appears here playing… The Rock, not Black Adam. Black Adam is a villain that sometimes crosses over into anti-hero territory. He needs to be a villain first, to make the anti-hero part work. He is the Nemesis of Shazam. The Rock, being an ego maniac, decided that Shazam was not “Big” enough for him to face off with. He therefore refused to allow Shazam in this movie or make an appearance in those films. Eyeing an opportunity to essentially take over the DCU, he got Henry Cavill to appear as Superman. He sees Superman as Adam’s nemesis. As nice as it was to see him again, it all played into the drama of Cavill being told he was back as Superman when he never was. Cavill was being played by the Rock and the studio heads.

All that aside, this was mediocre as fuck. Forgettable. 4/10

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