Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

The 533rd film I have seen in theaters…

Imperious Rex!

T’Challa has died. Queen Ramonda is ruling Wakanda, not sure why it passed to his mom, but whatever. As Shuri struggles with this loss, Namor makes his presence known. Namor is the king of Atlant…I mean Talokan. He wants to go to war against the surface world with Wakanda as an ally. The Wakandans disagree and war erupts between them. Shuri must decide what, and who, she wants to be. Spoiler: its Black Panther.

Not as good as Black Panther, but still good. The death of Boseman hangs over this film, but they did a surprisingly good job of honoring him and the character. The scene stealer here is Tenoch Huerta Mejía as Namor. The revamp of his origin and culture was a smart move. I did feel it was a tad too long which drags it down a bit, but it was still a good entry in the MCU. 7/10

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