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The 535th film I have seen in theaters…

A young man takes his dinner date, Margot, to an exclusive island restaurant for a dinner curated by a celebrity chef. As the dinner goes on, the well-to-do clientele discover that this meal is going to take a sadistic turn.

Phenomenal. Maybe its because I worked 18 years in the restaurant business, but this one struck a chord. A wonderful commentary on the divide between the wealthy and “The Help”. Ralph Fiennes is Hawthorn, the cult leader head chef. Does this guy ever turn in a bad performance? Not that I’ve seen. Anya Taylor-Joy, who is rapidly becoming one of my favorite actresses, plays Margot. She is the dinner date who feels out of place in this fancy setting. Nicholas Hoult is the foodie fanboy that brought Margot as his date. What a delightfully miserable character this guy is. Hong Chau is Else, the maître d’. She is outstanding here particularly when she is asked to explain a dish to some diners.

This is easily one of my favorite movies of 2022. No contest. 10/10

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