Avatar: The Way of Water

The 536th film I have seen in theaters…

The Humans return to Pandora and the Sully family must join with a new Na’vi tribe and fight back.

The story is nothing special, but that’s not the point. The original was a story we’ve seen a hundred times. This is about the cinematography, the music, the CGI, the mood- All slapped on a basic story with universal themes. Cameron knows this is a winning formula. It did feel a tad long, but the finale made up for it. Once the action begins, it doesn’t let up.

While all of the cast did fine, two characters stood out for me. The one that most interested me is Kiri, the daughter of Grace Augustine, also played by Sigourney Weaver. She has a strange connection to Pandora which I assume will be important going forward. The 2nd is Stephen Lang as a resurrected Quaritch! I was not expecting this, but damn if he wasn’t one of the better elements of the film.

No more needs to be said. You saw it. I saw it. Everyone saw it. 8/10

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