Spring/Summer Preview (2023)

Spring/Summer 2023

Hello everyone! After a year off, I am bringing back our Spring/Summer preview! I have perused the upcoming releases and these are the ones on my radar! As always, I hope, and expect, a few other movies to sneak on my view list. This post is coming a tad early this year (as opposed to April) as the cinema seems to be heating up with new flicks!

3/3: Creed III – No way in hell am I missing this movie. The successor series to Rocky continues as Jordan fights Jonathan Majors. KANG vs KILLMONGER! The first 2, and this entire series, are some of my favorite films. My ass will be in that seat this week!

3/10: 65 (Million Years Ago) – I have a suspicion this one will slip through the cracks for the general movie-going audience, but it looks terrific! Futuristic Adam Driver trapped in the past fighting dinosaurs!

3/24: John Wick 4 – Keanu returns in the fourth John Wick movie. Nothing more need be said except… BABA YAGA!

3/31: Dungeons & Dragons – This one might be hit or miss. A fun adventure movie set in the Forgotten Realms sounds like a winner, but it could easily go wrong. The cast looks good though.

4/7: Super Mario Bros– I am actually pretty excited for this one. There is some hubbub concerning Chris Pratt as Mario as some want a voice closer to the video game version. Well, I’ve met Charles Martinet, the voice of video game Mario. He’s a very nice man, but 2 hours of “Hee hee! Lets-a-go!” would not make for an engaging movie experience. Besides, I grew up with Captain Lou Albano as the voice of Mario. My movie Mario was Bob Hoskins. Pratt will be just fine.

4/14: Redfield – Nicholas Hoult is Renfield to Nicolas Cage’s Count Dracula. Add in Awkwafina and you’ve got the ingredients for some movie magic. Cage is on a fucking roll lately, this looks to continue that streak. Imagine if THIS is what kicks off the long sought after Universal Monster movie universe.

5/5: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 – The end of the road for these characters! I’ve enjoyed the series and will miss them. Looking forward to whatever James Gunn is cooking up over at the Distinguished Competition.

5/19: Fast X – Family. This time versus Jason Momoa.

5/25: The Machine – Confession: I fucking love Bert Kreischer and his buddy Tom Segura. They never fail to make me laugh. Never. Does this make me immature? Perhaps, but I embrace it. Now, the man that inspired Van Wilder gets his own movie with Mark Hamill playing his dad? Sign me up.

6/2: Across the Spider-Verse – The sequel to one of the best Spider-Man movies arrives in June. The first was a masterpiece of animation, the best animated superhero film since Mask of the Phantasm. High hopes for this one.

6/16: The Flash – Michael Keaton is fucking back as Batman.

6/30: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny– Harrison Ford is fucking back as Indy.

7/21: Barbie – This might be the surprise hit of the summer. Everything I see about this looks perfect. Greta Gerwig is a FANTASTIC filmmaker and the cast is amazing. Seriously, just look at that image!

7/21: Oppenheimer – Counter-programming to Barbie. Might work, might not. Christopher Nolan’s story of Oppenheimer, father of the atomic bomb. STACKED cast.

7/28: Haunted Mansion – Disney tries to make this a movie…again. This one looks to be on the right track though. Good cast.

8/4: TMNT Mutant Mayhem– My pal Rhyno alerted me to this one. A new animated take on the Turtles. Shows promise!

8/18: Blue Beetle – Rounding out the summer, in the dead zone of August movies, is DC’s Blue Beetle movie starring Xolo Mariduena. He’s great on Cobra Kai and would make a good Blue Beetle. I am cautiously optimistic on this movie as it was supposed to be an HBO Max release but was pushed to a theatrical opening. As Booster Gold is listed as one of the main DCU Chapter One projects, and Blue Beetle is Booster’s best friend, I suspect James Gunn is hoping this does well enough to be carried over as part of the new regime.

That is it! Summer ’23 looks to be a good one. We’ve got some real heavy hitters coming out. Can’t wait!

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