John Wick Chapter 4

The 540th film I have seen in theaters…

Shortly following the events of Chapter 3, Wick (Keanu Reeves) is hunting down the leaders of the High Table, the group in charge of the worldwide network of assassins.  Winston, having also run afoul of the table makes amends with John as they ally for one last attempt at clearing John of his death mark. Meanwhile, the Table has given ultimate power to the Marquis to hunt down and kill Wick.

Keanu Reeves, see here with noted character actor Ian McShane, once again shines in this action epic. This might actually be my favorite performance out of him since the first film.

Ian McShane is perfect in everything, everything he does. Great to see him back as Winston.

Bill Skarsgard is the central foil this time out as the Marquis, the man tasked by the Table to take out Wick. He was excellently slimy in this role. He’s seen here with Ian Mcshane.

Lawrence Fishburne returns as the Bowery King. Always good to see him on screen with Reeves. Ok, no more photos of McShane. I promise.

The late great Lance Reddick is Charon, concierge at the Continental. Terrific screen presence used well here. Ok, last one of Ian. I swear(ingen).

Donnie Yen is Caine, the blind assassin hired by the Marquis to kill John. Outstanding performance here. Highlight of the film actually. He takes the typical blind assassin trope and does something really good with it.

Hiroyuki Sanada is Koji, manager of the Osaka Continental and ally of Wick. I fuckin love this guy, always great to see him in more western films. Hell of a singing voice too.

Shamier Anderson is “Mr Nobody”, another assassin looking to kill Wick. This guy nearly stole the show from Donnie Yen. Great character. He’s pushing for his own spin-off and I hope he gets one.

Clancy Brown is “The Harbinger”, the hype man for the High Table. He acts as a sort of referee in the hunt for Wick. This is another actor that I will watch in just about anything.

This was a very satisfying conclusion to the John Wick Story. Easily the best since the original film. The action was top notch, seriously some of the best I’ve seen on screen since Fury Road. A great film to go out on. I look forward to seeing where the universe goes. There’s a 1970’s set Continental tv show coming to Max as well as “The Ballerina” starring Ana De Armas. Great stuff! 8/10

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