Jaws: 40th Anniversary

The 409th film I have seen in theaters.


My first time seeing one of my favorite films on the big screen!


Come on, we all know it. A Great White Shark kills off the coast of Massachusetts and Police Chief Brody, Oceanographer Hooper and Captain Quint set out to sea to kill it.



Roy Scheider is Brody. His career defining role.

Richard Dreyfuss in a scene from the 1975 motion picture

Richard Dreyfus is Hooper. His career defining role.


Robert Shaw is Quint. An accomplished novelist and prolific actor. This is his career defining role.


Lorraine Gary in her small, but career defining role. Jaws 4…Poor thing…


Murray Hamilton is the Mayor. Essential role, in many ways just as great a threat as the shark. A great performance, so underrated. That anchor suit is iconic. lol


Bruce the Shark. After 40 years, this is STILL one of the most gruesome, fucked up, scenes ever caught on film.


I love this movie. It was filmed on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Being a Mass-hole, I spent many a summer on the island. This brings back many memories of those days. The townies of this film perfectly capture that period of New England.

These actors came together to forge something amazing. Take a few minutes and watch this scene.

Chilling. This is one of the greatest films ever made. While the 70’s are abundant for the first half, once they get out on the water, time slips away. This could be happening in 2015, not 1975. I’ve never had the chance to see this on the big screen. It was 100% worth it. Every month, TCM shows a classic film in theaters. I will be seeing a few more this year, for the first time in a cinema.

This movie does not age. It is still as good as it was 40 years ago. To make it all the more sweet- the theater was PACKED. Parents brought a whole new generation of little kids to see this, and they were appropriately freaked out. Fantastic.

Take it easy, and have a ‘Gansett!


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