The 418th film I have seen in theaters…



In the late 1940’s, screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, a communist activist, is called before Congress to answer to to the HUAC, accusing him of being un-American. he refuses to testify, serves a jail term for contempt and is blacklisted by Hollywood. He works in the shadows, his scripts being produced under fake names until he gets a chance, a decade later, to finally take the credit he is due.


Bryan Cranston is Dalton Trumbo. A fine performance that carries the film.


Diane Lane is his wife Cleo. She struggles with his personality, but loves and supports him throughout his ordeals.


Louis C.K. is fellow blacklister Arlen Hird, whom is loosely based upon several of the Hollywood Ten. Another good performance. He can still bring the humor but is increasingly comfortable with drama.


Helen Mirren is Hedda Hopper, famous gossip columnist of the era, and a staunch adversary of Communism. A wonderfully slimy performance.


Elle Fanning, sister of Dakota, plays Nikola, Trumbo’s daughter. She, like her mother, struggles against the father’s issues, but their similarities heal any rifts. A decent performance.


Ah, John Goodman. He takes on a small role as Frank King, of King Brothers pictures. He brings his usualy awesomeness to the role of the sleazy film producer.

In the end, Trumbo is a good film with a great performance. Due to it’s subject matter, I would imagine that Cranston will get the Oscar nomination. The blacklist has been covered before, even Trumbo’s life has been covered before. This film, however, is the better. Worth seeing.

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