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Oscars 2016

The night is here! My picks are Red and Bold. After the show, this page will be updated with the winners. They will be Green if I picked right, Red if i was wrong. Last year I picked 12/24 right. Lets hope this year is better! Commentary where I […]

Razzies 2016!

The answer to the Oscars, the Razzies are for bad films and performances. As usual, I find no fault with this year’s nominees or decisions. I went out of my way to avoid the two films that dominated the awards this year. I am both happy at this, […]

Oscar Nominatons 2016!

Well, the “no blacks allowed” tradition continues at the Academy Awards for a second straight year, but I don’t see this year being as glaring as last year. The only major denial was Idris Elba for “Beasts of no Nation”. Jada Smith is making a stink, likely because […]