Action Point

The 491st film I have seen in theaters…


Knoxville returns and yes, he is drinking with a bear



D.C. owns a remarkably unsafe amusement park in the late 70’s. While his daughter comes to visit for the summer, he comes up with schemes to keep the park open as bankers and developers want to seize the land for themselves. Stunts and humor follow.



Johnny Knoxville  must be on #8 of his 9 lives. The 47 year old continues to perform stunts like he was 27. He plays D.C.


Ah, Chris Pontius. Never grow up sir. Never. He is Benny, D.C.’s brother.


Elanor Worthington Cox plays “Boogie”, D.C.’s daughter. She does okay.


The epic Dan Bakkendahl plays Knoblach, the douche that wants to shut the park down. Watch Veep to see this man in all his glory. Here, he does a decent job.


Like “Bad Grandpa”, Knoxville takes the Jackass style stunts and wraps a thin narrative around them. That is the nature of the beast. As a “film”, it is not very good. As a showcase for stunt work and asinine humor it is a moderate success. The film gave me a few chuckles, but no belly busting laughter. It does succeed in bringing the 70’s and 80’s “summer camp movie” vibe back from wherever it’s been hibernating. It’s no Meatballs thought. Probably better than Meatballs 2. This was fun, but nothing special, aside from the alcoholic bear. That was something new for me. 4/10

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