Black Mirror: Bandersnatch



Choose wisely



It is 1984, and Stefan Butler is a young video game designer trying to adapt a novel called ‘Bandersnatch’ into a “choose your own adventure” type of game. The only catch is that the writer of the book slowly went insane and murdered his wife. Stefan begins to follow the same path as the line between reality and fiction is blurred.



Fionn Whitehead does a fantastic job as Stefan. This guy plays good crazy.


Will Coulter, my favorite part of the Narnia films, is Colin. Colin works for the game company and seems to know much of what is happening to Stefan.


Asim Chaudry is Mohan, the guy Stefan works for. Check out “People just do nothing”, a great show he was on previously. It’s always welcome to see him in things.


Craig Parkinson is Stefan’s dad. He has a fairly layered role here. Some of the alternate endings are particularly fun.


Alice Lowe plays Dr Haynes, Stefan’s therapist. Do yourself a favor… choose to fight.


This was an excellent idea. Netflix has taken what should be a lame idea and transformed it into something great. The good acting helps, but the branching story really sells this. It is creepy, funny, pure insanity. I cannot help but think that this will spawn several knock offs, of considerably lower quality. Despite that, this will be remembered as the first, and probably best.

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