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Bird Box


I am resurrecting the old Chillflix posts for 2019. As Netflix and other streaming services are increasingly issuing original content, I have decided to do reviews on the new films I see there, as well as include them in my “Best of” series at year’s end. They won’t be an official part of my “Seen in theaters” tally, but they deserve to be recognized.


The meme machine that dominated the holidays

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ChillFlix 1/8/17


Weekend of 1/8/17

We were pounded with a Nor’Easter this weekend ( which is New England slang for a bad blizzard with strong winds from the North-East). We got somewhere around 10-12 inches of snow here with extremely low temperatures (currently 15 degrees, feeling like 5). This weather is incredibly conducive to staying inside, playing Netflix, and chilling. I did this, along with some power naps. I watched 4 things this weekend.

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