Fyre: The greatest party that never happened.



An Adventure they’ll never forget…



Con Artist teams with Hip Hop Star to create an app to make it easier to book famous acts for your spoiled kid’s birthday party. They decide to hold a high end music festival to promote the app. All involved use the opportunity to party with supermodels and put no effort into the actual logistics of a festival. Thousands of guests arrive expecting villas, 5-star meals, and the finest amenities a 4K+ ticket should entail. They instead get rain soaked hurricane relief tents (if they are lucky), no power/toilets, and cheese sandwiches. They also have no way off the island. Lawsuits happen.



Ja Rule and Billy McFarland, organizers of the event. Ja Rule is a celebrity so he gets away with it. Billy is a smug douche-sandwich who deserves all six of the years he was sentenced to for fraud. This Billy is a piece of work, defrauded thousands of people and then tried to keep doing it once the festival was over.


The infamous cheese sandwich tweet. This is how I first became aware of the debacle a couple of years ago.


I have yet to see the Hulu documentary of Fyre, and I probably won’t be watching it. Their big “scoop” is that they have an interview with McFarland about the incident. I really don’t need to hear this guy’s spin. He promised something and could not deliver it. Once he realized it was not going to happen, he happily allowed hundreds of people to enter a dangerous situation and literally poured vodka down their throats in the hopes that they would be so drunk that they’d have a good time. I, as did many others, followed all this as it unfolded on social media back in 2017. What this documentary accomplishes is show us the impact on the employees of Fyre and the residents of the Island in the Bahamas. This guy ruined their lives.

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