The Two Popes

The showdown of the decade! Bergoglio vs Ratzinger for the Papal throne! Who will get the last slice of pizza?!! It’s ON!!!




Pope Benedict XVI feels he can no longer meet the needs of the Church and decided to step down. Knowing that Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio is a top contender, he summons him to his papal retreat to discuss matters.



Jonathan Pryce plays Pope Francis. He becomes the character, fully. Outstanding work.


Anthony Hopkins is Pope Benedict.  He becomes the character, fully. Outstanding work.


Juan Minujin plays young Francis. He does an excellent job.


Does this review seem “extra” skinny? Well it is, and for good reason. Great movies stand on their own. This is one of them. Two of the finest actors we have today playing two titans of the religious world. The film doesn’t quite escape its origins as a play, but that is okay. The film is essentially the two men having a conversation. This is an Oscar contender. Check it out.

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