Broken Arrow (1996)

The 20th Film I have seen in theaters…


giphy (4)

Full Disclosure: I have almost no memory of this movie.



Uh… Travolta is the bad guy. I remember that much. The plot somehow involves a missile, because the movie ends with Travolta getting hit by one. Slater was the good guy. cooltext346402525622825


Travolta was probably over the top evil in this. I literally only remember his death scene: they are on a train, because reasons, and it stops short and a nuclear missile flies into Travolta’s chest. Seriously. Wiki tells me the character was named Vic Deakins.


Slater is Christian Slater, the good guy. He was named Riley Hale.


Samantha Mathis, the Princess in the nightmare that was “Super Mario Bros: The Movie” plays Terry, the female character. A side note: Mathis is the daughter of Bibi Besch, Carol Marcus in Star Trek II. She was also River Phoenix’s last girlfriend and was with him the night he died. She claims to know nothing of his drug use that night. Officially the most interesting thing about this movie.


Howie Long was apparently in this as Kelly, the henchman.


Delroy Lindo was as well, probably as Hale’s boss or something. Who the hell knows. He’s currently killing it on “The Good Fight”.


Holy shit, Kurtwood Smith was in this? I love that guy.


Ah, I remember this as well! I remember a 2nd thing about this! Bob Gunton, a great character actor, plays a dude who keeps bitching at Travolta for some reason. He might be the mastermind/money man, not sure. Travolta kills him. lol.


The late, and truly great, Bob Hoskins is the voice of “Harvey”. What is Harvey, you ask? No fuckin’ clue. All I do know is that this is the second “Super Mario Bros” connection in this film and that is two too many for my liking.


Here what I can tell you about Friday February 9th, 1996:

A buddy and I wanted to see this movie. I can’t tell you what drew me to it, perhaps because John Woo directed it? Doesn’t matter. The important point is that we wanted to see it, REALLY badly.

We went to our local cinema and I was denied a ticket. My friend had already turned 17 and I was 16. They, being the asshole teenager behind the ticket booth, did not consider my friend an accompanying adult. Why I didn’t just lie about my age? No idea. We left and went to another theater. Wouldn’t you know the son of a bitch there asked for ID. On our third theater of the night no one was carded and we went right in. I can only assume that my near complete amnesia regarding this film, aside from Travolta’s death, is due to the drama of getting the ticket being larger than the film itself. I have a pretty good memory, and this is literally THE ONLY MOVIE that I cannot remember. I may give it a re-watch someday.


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