Venom: Let There be Carnage

The 524th Film I have seen in theaters…

Venom v Carnage: The Movie!

Hello my readers!

So what did we think of Venom 2?

It was Venom vs Carnage. Was is a good movie? Depends on the definition of good. Was it entertaining? Yeah I had fun. Was it silly? Extremely so, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The banter between Eddie and Venom was a high point in the original and they turned it up to 100 for this one. Woody was ok as Cletus, but I can’t help but feel this should have been a longer film, with more of a…what’s the word…story. Carnage was certainly a threat but it just felt a bit hollow. They set up the next Symbiote threat for part 3, but it was the mid credits scene that stole the movie. Check it out. It was ok.

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