A look ahead (2018)

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Fall is here and it is time for my annual autumnal meditations on where I’ve been and what lies ahead!

Summer 2018: This was a weird summer for me.

In April Avengers was released and the summer began with a bang. As May rolled around I saw some great films at the local art house and enjoyed Deadpool 2. On May 17th I was laid off at work. That evening I went to see Isle of Dogs, which made me feel immediately better. The next weekend brought Solo, which I absolutely loved.

June saw me dabble with streaming and Youtube videos. My streaming has fallen to the wayside, but I’ve made hundreds of gaming vids. This new distraction caused me to only see Action Point and On Chesil Beach.

July brought Ant Man & The Wasp, Won’t you be my Neighbor, and Ocean’s 8. At this time, my Moviepass became erratic. Across the nation, people were unable to use their cards to see anything. It did not bother me too much at first as I spent almost 3 weeks on the road driving across America and back again. I will probably do a blog post breaking down that trip at some point.

In August, I returned home to be rehired by my old firm, in a new role. I only saw one film that month – The Big Lebowski. It was already my favorite movie (I am a Dudeist priest after all www.dudeism.com). It kindled in me a desire to relax, not stress out about my recent job struggles, and take up the family sport… bowling. My previous post describes some of that adventure. (link)

In September, I did not see any films. Not one. I spent most of my time bowling.

Now October has arrived. I continue to make Youtube videos (superponte), bowl several times a week, am about to get back into my Freemason activities, and am ready to dive back into the theater! The Moviepass miracle is over, so my viewership will drop back down to normal Ponte levels. Now, this isn’t everything I am interested in this Fall, but I definitely plan on seeing these at a bare minimum. Time willing, I hope to see many more. Let’s look ahead.



A Star is Born: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper retell this classic story of a rising star and her fading star/lover. Must see. I love Gaga and early reviews say she is awesome.


Venom: This is going to be so bad. Tom Hardy is already making excuses for it.



First Man: Ryan Gosling (Best actor working today, seriously. He’s been in my favorite films of the year the past 2 years) plays Neil Armstrong in the NASA story. Another Must see film.


Bad Times at the El Royale: Drew Goddard writes and directs an excellent cast in what I am sure will be an amazing film. Bridges is already getting some acclaim for it.



Halloween: Jamie Lee Curtis vs Michael Meyers one last time?! John Carpenter is involved?! Hell yes.



Bohemian Rhapsody: The story of Freddie Mercury? No way am I missing this.



The Crimes of Grindelwald: The first was great, this looks better. Sign me up.


The Ballad of Buster Scruggs: The Cohen’s making a western anthology film? Fuck yeah.



Creed II: Michael B Jordan. Sly Stallone. Dolph Lundgren returns as Ivan Drago. SIGN ME UP!!!!



Superman: The Movie: The 40th Anniversary re-release of Christopher Reeve’s Superman film. An incredibly influential film for young Superponte. I cannot miss this.




Mary Poppins Returns: That trailer sold me. This is another classic.



Holmes & Watson: Will Ferrell is Sherlock Holmes. John C. Reilly is Dr. Watson. How can I pass this up? Shake N Bake!


Aquaman: Please don’t suck… lol



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