A look ahead (2019)

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Fall is here and it is time for my annual autumnal meditations on where I’ve been and what lies ahead!

Summer 2019: Last year I remarked that Summer 2018 was a strange one. 2019 blew it right out of the water.

Things started off a bit slow compared to recent years. By the March 8th release of Captain Marvel, I had seen NO FILMS in the cinema.


Shocking, I know. By the time I saw my second film, Avengers Endgame, I was suffering from an antibiotic resistant flesh eating bacterial infection which was about to go septic. It was in a sensitive area…


Basically, my balls tried to kill me. I ended up hospitalized/nursing homed for a month. A further 2 months of recovery took me out of commission from most activities, but I did manage to get a few films in between surgeries. Five to be exact. (Detective Pikachu, John Wick 3, Godzilla 2, X-Men: Dark Piece of crap, and Spider-Man: Far from Home). I saw IT: Chapter Two earlier this month bringing my yearly total to 8 films! Yikes, an all time low!

Despite the assorted deadly bacterial infections, I am  doing pretty damn well for a guy that was on death’s doorstep (seriously, I had hours to live before life saving surgery). I am hoping to end the year strong, and see a bunch of films. Looking at my viewing history, and yes I keep track:

Decade one Decade two Decade three Decade four
1987 1 1997 29 2007 17 2017 34
1988 0 1998 29 2008 21 2018 35
1989 2 1999 21 2009 23 2019 8
1990 1 2000 18 2010 16 2020
1991 3 2001 23 2011 16 2021
1992 3 2002 17 2012 19 2022
1993 2 2003 16 2013 23 2023
1994 4 2004 27 2014 22 2024
1995 3 2005 17 2015 17 2025
1996 15 2006 16 2016 16 2026

1996, the first of my “adult” film going years was the lowest with 15 films watched in theaters. I need to see 8 more films to beat that low water mark. To top my best year, 2018 @ 35, I would need 28 more films (lol). I was hoping that my Moviepass/showcase subscribe streak of the mid 30’s would continue this year, but it was not to be… or is it? There are several films out right now that I am going to knock out over the next week, so lets look ahead and plan out the remainder of 2019.

Now playing:


Once Upon a time in Hollywood – It is a crime that I’ve not seen the latest Tarantino flick in the two months it has been released. There is no excuse. He is one of my “must-see” Directors. I am seeing this tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon.


Downton Abbey – Yes, I am one of those people that adore Downton Abbey. My wife has no interest in the show, but is amazingly interested in the film. We will see this Monday night.


Official Secrets – I enjoy a good British spy film, and this one happens to be at the local cinema. This is probably the last week it will play, so I am hoping to see it Tuesday evening.


Ad Astra – This is getting excellent reviews from Sci-fi fans, so this will probably be my Wednesday night film this week. Thursday is bowling night, so no films until next weekend. As the only major release seems to be an animated Abominable Snowman film, I think we will be fine.


Hobbs and Shaw – These are a guilty pleasure of mine. There is a chance this will be gone by next weekend, but it is certain to hit the local 2nd run $2 cinema in the coming weeks. I will see it by hook or by crook.


Angel has fallen – I really dig these movies. The first was the superior film in the series, but the second was surprisingly good. This is another that may be gone by next weekend. If so, el cheapo $2 will have it.


Rambo: Last Blood – This will absolutely still be playing next week. The last Rambo movie. How can you skip it?

That rounds out everything currently playing that piques my interest. Lets look ahead to upcoming releases.



Judy – There is an obscene amount of Oscar buzz surrounding Zellweger as Judy Garland. I am not sure if 9/27 is a limited or wide release, but the local art house has it listed as coming soon. I might catch it there if its not in the mainstream cinemas first.



The must see film of 10/4 is clearly Todd Phillips’ Joker. Joaquin Phoenix looks to have created something amazing here. I’ll be there opening night.


Gemini Man – My cousin expressed interest in this, so we will likely see it. Will Smith vs Clone Will Smith directed by Ang Lee. Might be good.


Lucy in the Sky – Natalie Portman is an astronaut who has psychological issues upon returning to Earth. Looks excellent.



The Addams Family – I’ve often thought that this would make an good animated film series. We will see how the finished product is. I was not as turned off by the trailer as everyone else seems to have been.



Jay and Silent Bob Reboot – There is no fucking way I am missing this movie. I am an unabashed View Askew fanboy. This looks awesome. I may even see it a second time in February when Smith’s Roadshow comes to town.



Zombieland: Double Tap – The original was a funny movie. Sequels made decades later tend to have serious problems. We’ll see.


Jojo Rabbit – Taika Waititi is another one of those directors whom I will follow avidly. The man has a superb sense of humor. I can’t wait to see him as imaginary Hitler.


The Lighthouse –  I cannot wait for this one. The A24 logo has become a mark of excellence, and this looks phenomenal. Lots of Oscar buzz around this baby.



The Current War – This was shelved for a couple of years and is getting some bad reviews, but the cast and subject matter will draw me in. It really is a cool story.



Terminator: Dark Fate – James Cameron returns to Terminator. Hamilton, Furlong, and Schwarzenegger are back in a sequel to Judgement Day and Tim Miller is directing. This has me very excited.


Motherless Brooklyn – a 1950’s Private Eye movie starring Edward Norton. I’ll find a cinema playing it.



Doctor Sleep –  Ewan McGregor is adult Danny in the sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”. I don’t care if King hates the original, it is a classic. I’ll be there opening night.


Honey Boy – This is one to watch. Shia Lebouf wrote this one, which I think is a semi autobiography of his life growing up in a commune with his parents. It’s getting a lot of high praise on the festival circuit. This might be a “release for one week and then Amazon Prime” situation though.



The Torture Report – Another Amazon release (It’ll likely not hit theaters for long). Adam Driver stars in a film about the post 9/11 torture program. Looks very good.


Ford v Ferrari – Another great looking film. Damon and Bale play Carroll Shelby and Driver Ken Miles. I like the international title of Le Mans ’66, but…America.



A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood – Tom Hanks as Mr Rogers. ‘Nuff said.


21 Bridges – This looks really good. A film about robbers who kill police officers and are trying to escape NYC. Boseman, who’s police father was killed, is on the case and shuts down Manhattan so that they can’t get away.



Knives Out–  Rian Johnson directs an amazing cast in a “whodunnit” mystery. I will not miss it.



The Aeronauts –  Jones and Redmayne reunite to play Hot Air Balloon pioneers. Another Amazon release. I might see it, if it releases at all.



Jumanji: The Next Level – The reboot was phenomenal. This one looks better. Count me in!


A Hidden Life–  Look at that poster, wow! Terrence Malick directs this tale of a conscientious objector in Nazi Germany. I hope it gets released near me.



Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker – As always, consider all films listed after this to be tentative. Star Wars tends to dominate me for several weeks. I expect nothing less from the final Skywalker film.



1917 – Luckily there is only one film after Star Wars that interests me. A WWI film from Sam Mendes. It looks great, I just hope it doesn’t get lost in the post-Star Wars hubbub.

That my dear readers is 2019! Matching or exceeding my record is actually possible. I’ve listed THIRTY Movies here and maybe 4 of them are amazon/limited releases. The last year of a decade is usually an excellent one for film, and 2019 has been right up there. This fall is absolutely stacked with gems. It’s going to be fun!


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