Oscar Watch 2016: The Danish Girl and Steve Jobs


The Danish Girl & Steve Jobs

Hello and welcome to the second entry in my ramp up to Oscars 2016! I had previously listed the Nominees, and recappped what I’ve already seen.

Now lets review the new films I’ve seen this week (not in a theater, so they are not in the official list)

The Danish Girl


The tale of Lili Elbe, formerly Einar Wegener, the second known person to have sexual reassignment surgery. From Director Tom Hooper (a personal favorite of mine), this is an incredibly well made film. The acting, writing, cinematography, production and costume design is of the absolute best quality. let’s take a look at it’s 4 nominations.

  • Best Actor: Eddie Redmayne ABSOLUTELY has a shot at winning back to back Oscars. I thought he was not a good choice for his Oscar for Stephen Hawking, but he really shines here. He silenced my criticisms with this stunning portrayal.
  • Supporting Actress: A great performance as the wife of a man that wants to be a woman. A wife that supports this decision without it becoming a lesbian, knowing she will lose him. This was not an easy part to take, but Vikander nails it. I think Jennifer Jason Leigh will likely win for The Hateful Eight, but Vikander is close behind.
  • Costume Design: This film is almost a love letter to women’s fashion. It is the clothing which draws Einar to realize his true self. I think this one is a lock.
  • Production Design: This film did an excellent job of recreating 1920’s Europe, and it is right to be nominated. I think it was not the best work of the year, so far.

Steve Jobs


Aaron Sorkin brings his fantastic dialogoue to the story of Steve Jobs. Told in 3 parts, the film examined Jobs before his product launch conferences (The Mac, Next, iMac). He uses these events to recap the trajectory of the man’s life, career, and relationships. Fassbender melts into the role. It has 2 nominations, both for acting.

  • Best Actor: Fassbender is probably my favorite actor of my generation. I’ve yet to see him turn out a bad performance. This is not his year, and he might be the weakest of the pack to be honest. (perhaps tied with Cranston). He will get there though.
  • Supporting Actress: Winslet was okay as Apple Exec Joanna Hoffman. She was okay, not spectacular. I think she is one of the best actresses around, but there were better performances this year.

These were two very strong movies. I am not sure how many accolades they will receive, but they are deserving.



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