Oscar Watch 2016: Room, and Brooklyn


Room, Brooklyn

Hello and welcome to the fifth and final entry in my ramp up to Oscars 2016! I had previously listed the Nominees, and recapped what 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Despite my procrastination, I have managed to see all of the best picture nominees! A first! There is always one or two that escaped me, but this year I can make a fully informed decision. Lets get to it!


This movie was a mind f*ck for me. A teen is kidnapped and kept in a shed for 7 years. She gives birth to a baby boy, fathered by the captor. When he is 5, they escape and the boy discovers the world, having only known 4 walls his entire life. I received 4 nominations.

  • Best Picture: It is not really in contention this year, but it makes the cut. A strong lead performance with unusual subject matter.
  • Lead Actress: Brie Larson has a shot,a strong shot, at winning. This woman tries to keep herself together for her son, and loses her way once they get out. great stuff.
  • Directing: Lenny Abrahamson did a fine job here, but its not his year.
  • Adapted Screenplay: If the movie was this strong, the novel must be great.


A young woman emigrates to Brooklyn from Ireland in the 1950’s and builds a new life. Watching it, I wonder- how many fucking oscar nominated films have Domnhall Gleeson?! I count at least 4! This is great period piece, and a great feature for Ronan. It received 3 nominations.

  • Best Picture: A well made film, with a terrific look at the immigrant experience. Not a winner, but understandably nominated.
  • Best Actress: Saoirse Ronan might have this category locked. I never got to see Blanchett in Carol, but her only competition will be Larson.
  • Adapted Screenplay: The film makes me want to read the book. High compliments from me.


And that is it! I never got to see Ex Machina, Sicario, or Carol, and I suspect they might get some love tonight, particularly Sicario. however, this is where I stand. lets get ready for the show!


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